Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why is the wait for an adopted child so difficult?

     The adoption process is not easy. The questions that plague parents considering adoption fill them with fear and hesitation. Once the decision to adopt is made, the process of filling out form after form begins. Even the paperwork can seem insurmountable. I found that I did not get truly excited and hopeful about our child until the phone call came: "A baby girl was born last week. Would you be interested in adopting her?" "Yes!!!, of course!!," was our reply.
     And then, the wait resumes. My daughter was born in Vietnam. The wait to hold her and unite her with our family seemed to drag on forever. I did not experience relief until I learned to empty myself and lay my daughter at the foot of the cross, handing her into Christ's care.
     The purpose of this blog, is to give waiting adoptive parents a sounding board. I am repeatedly reminded that I was and am not the only person who struggled or struggles still with the lack of control which confronts adopting parents. I hope to give encouragement to parents who suffer from the same impatience and grapple with the inability to enjoy the moment until their child arrives in their home. It helps somehow to vent and to find out that you are not alone . And, the support and prayers of others can and will lift you up.