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     Almost 2 million children in the United States are adopted, and each year more than 500,000  parents pursue adoption  through an agency.1
     The submittal of extensive paperwork and the hassles required to compile an adoption dossier can seem overwhelming, but the largest challenge to adoptive parents remains the wait for a child.  Unlike biological parents who can feel or see the physical changes brought on by a growing pregnancy, adoptive parents have little tangible proof that their labors will result in a child. My personal adoption journey was arduous and complex, as dishonest officials hindered our daughter's release from Vietnam. With God's guidance, the adoption, marked by bureaucratic hurdles and corruption, resulted in blessing and spiritual transformation.
     My confidence came from the Lord, and His Word gave me strength to hang on when I was ready to give up. The encouragement of Christian friends around the globe supported me in my resolve to withstand the pain and submit to God's timing.  Great Expectations: an Adoption Story and Devotional focuses on the emotional rollercoaster of adoption.  How do parents relax, let go, acquire patience and lean on God?  This book will embolden and hearten adoptive parents to rejoice always and pray continuously throughout the anxious wait of adoption.
    The adoption account contains 29, 845 words and several photographs. Following the adoption story, daily devotions  provide courage and counsel to waiting parents. Each devotion commences with and is based on Scripture and concludes with a prayer. 

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