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I am the biological mother of 4 sons and the adoptive mother of a beautiful Vietnamese daughter. The eldest will soon be married and the next two are in medical school and college respectively. The two youngest children are in high school. With a Master's Degree in German Literature, I taught German at the collegiate level for many years. Presently, I'm acquiring a second Master's Degree in TESOL which occupies the majority of my writing time. This degree will enable me and my husband to travel, teach and learn from our neighbors around the world once all of the kids have flown the coop. I grew up in the Midwest - was born in St. Louis, and have lived in Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, California, Germany and Austria.  I now live in the foothills of the glorious Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My joy of journaling was the origin of this book. In my free time, I jog, hike with my husband, read, listen to books on tape and enjoy classical music.

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